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    Little about YOU….
    Nobody looks at the advertising. Nobody sees it.
    People watch only at the interesting things. And we create it. Do you agree that advertising can be interesting, bright, talented, primitive, worthless…. and intriguing?…
    In the mean of advertising company “Radesign” the good advertising it’s an art to shake men, breaking through thorns to the stars…. over the apathy and standard thinking.
    In an art – and I’m pretty sure you are agreed that advertising is an art – is important bright, individual and juicy design. When the brand born, it needs the advertising to keep alive. All ideas of “Radesign” born in a real life and we choose the bests of them. Our designers will make your advertising interesting and memorable. Because the advertising have to sell and your business have to develop and improve.
    And now exactly about US…..
    Welcome! We are the Advertising Company “Radesign” – the most independent advertising company in the world by the version of Ragroup Agency 2012. It means that our works deserve your attention more than others.
    We share our experience and knowledge, and, of course, coffee with sweets, with everyone who comes to us.
    In any cases, awards and thanks from the clients are dream of every company. We have a lot of them and with every year it becomes more and more. Around 1000 projects are working for the image of our clients yet.

    We are young and genial. We are friendly and bright. We are group of smart quintessence creative and practicality. “Radesign” – is originative generator of ideas.
    We are 7 years old
    WOW !.. We are 7 years on the Ukrainian market with main department at the Rivne city. The advertising company “Radesign” proposes all range of services: from the business cards to the creative your brand and promotion it in the Ukraine and in all the world; from the projector logo to the interactive 3D Mapping.
    Our role is to make your brand famous, to bring satisfaction for people from your brand and to do all what we can to share with this enjoy around all the world!


    “Radesign” – let’s change the life creative!