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  • Creative corporate identity, logo creation Brandbook

    Creating a corporate style, logo creation. Brandbook

    • We are sure-you’re interested in stand outof your organizationamong competitors, attractnew customers andpartners. Logo, corporate identity, processedto the smallest details– it isimportant stepin the “birth” of the company.

    It is a powerful promotional tool, a strategic partner of the “chessboard” exciting and intriguing game of business.

    • Any self-respecting company, organization, firm, which wants to be recognizable, successful, can’t live without corporative style, logo today. It is impossible to build effective business tuned to long-term development without these things.
    Small and large “business sharks” today pay special attention to the development of their visual image, corporate identity, brand book.

    • Your corporate identity, your “name” forms in clients and partners impression which plays an important role in the relationships, trust and cooperation. Our painters and designers will make your company logo and corporate identity memorable, recognizable and truly effective. At the heart of the perception of partners and clients your business – is thoughtful and competent corporate identity influences brand awareness, helps to increase the popularity of the company and gain confidence.

    Ok. What should be the corporative style? When we create a corporate identity, we are considering the laws of composition and color, the foundations of psychological influence, talking about the company, forming the image of the company, surprising “reveal” the main purpose of your business, distinguishing among competitors.

    Brandbook is a book of your brand


    So, Brandbook - a book of rules and laws in the field of corporate identity and their visualization.

    Why createBrandbook? For a holistic perception of the brand the customers and consumers are holding the leading position in the market in order to facilitate communications with advertising agencies, printers, partners in using of elements of corporate style and philosophy of the company.
    What includes Brandbook:
    • description of the company’s mission;
    • philosophy of corporate identity;
    • logo and basic rules for its use;
    • designer fonts, colors, and playing them on various media;
    • letterhead, envelopes and folders for documents, business cards of employees;
    • recommendations on placement of company logo.

    Patents expire. Copyright loses its force.
    Brands may be subject to perpetual possession.
    Properly managed Brands can live and live forever.
    Larry Light